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The HTML Cleaner

The HTML cleaner is a powerful filter which can polish grotty, messy HTML into fully-standards-compliant glory. By default, all output of format text/html (the default format) will be passed through it.

It is controlled using the clean parameter of the <out> tag. The features to be used should be listed in this parameter's value, separated by whitespace.

Here are the features available:

  • pack - Compress the HTML, removing all white space that is not part of an attribute's value, or inside <xmp> or <pre> tags.
  • indent - "Pretty-print" the HTML, indenting tags appropriately, except for text and markup inside <xmp> or <pre> tags.
  • nocomments - Trim all comments.
  • addimgsizes - Add image sizes to <img> tags if they do not already specify them.
  • cleanattrs - Quote all attributes in opening tags, and lowercase all tag names.
  • addxmlslashes - Add XML-style slashes to the end of empty-element tags, such as <hr>, <img> etc.
  • fixcolors - Fix colors that do not start with a # character, so that they do.

The feature string all can be used to include all cleaning modes.

The default mode is pack addimgsizes cleanattrs addxmlslashes fixcolors indent.

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