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The <wmmeta> Tag

WebMake can load meta-data directly from the content text, using the <wmmeta> tag.

This tag is automatically stripped from the content when the content is referenced. It can be used either as an XML-style empty tag, similar to the HTML <meta> tag, if it ends in />:

  <wmmeta name="Title" value="Story 1, blah blah" />

or with start and end tags, for longer bits of content:

  <wmmeta name="Abstract">
    Story 1, just another story. Blah blah blah foo bar baz etc.

As you can see, each item of metadata needs a name and a value. The latter format reads the value from the text between the start and end tags.


  <content name="foo">
    < wmmeta name="Title" value="Foo" />
    < wmmeta name="Abstract">
      Foo is all about fooing.
    </ wmmeta>

    Foo foo foo foo bar. etc.

WebMake Documentation (version 2.4)
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