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The <contenttable> Tag

Quite often, it's handy to define small (one-line) content items quickly, in bulk, directly inside the WMK file itself. The <contenttable> tag provides a good way to do this.

Firstly, pick a delimiter character, such as |. Set the delimiter attribute to this character.

Next, list a table of content names and their values, separated by a delimiter character, one name-value-pair per line.

Note: if you would prefer to load the content items from a separate file, the <contents> tag is better suited.

Another note: this is not the way to define data about other content items (in other words, metadata), such as titles, authorship, or brief descriptions, as WebMake's built-in metadata support will not be available in that case. Embedding the metadata into the content item using <wmmeta> tags, or loading them in bulk using <metatable> tags, should be used instead.


  <contenttable delimiter="|">
  person3|The cat

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