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The <for> Tag

The <for> tag provides a quick way to iterate through a list of items.

It requires two attributes, name and values; the content item named name is set to each space-separated value in the values string, and the text inside the block is processed.

Supported Attributes

The name of the variable which will be set to each value in the values list in turn (if you know your comp-sci lingo, the iterator).
A space-separated list of values which is iterated through.
A Perl s/// substitution; each value in the values list will be processed by this, if set.

Variable references to ${name} are processed immediately, so you can use this variable inside another variable reference, like this: ${all_${name}_text} .


Here's an example, taken from my own home site:

	<!-- Create output for files in top dir -->
	<for name="out" values="index contact work nonwork home">
	  <out file="${out}.html" name="${out}">

WebMake Documentation (version 2.4)
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