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The <metaset> and <usemetaset> Tags

By default, WebMake includes some named metadata you can use, such as Title, Author, and Score. Each of these can have a type (numeric or string), and a default value.

You can also use your own, arbitrary names for metadata, but they won't get a type or a default value.

The <metaset> tag allows you to define a set of metadata, assign an id to that set, and set default values and types for them.

You then surround the parts of your WebMake file which uses these sets in a <usemetaset> block.

Metaset Tag

The metaset tag is used as a block, with an id attribute. Inside the block, define the metadata, one per line, in this format:

Name: type=type default="defaultvalue"

Type can be either string or numeric. The name can contain only alphanumeric characters, _ and ..

For example:

  <metaset id="dc">
    DC.Title: type=string default="(Untitled)"

Usemetaset Tag

This is a scoped tag. Any other WebMake tags inside the *<usemetaset> ... </usemetaset>** block will used that metaset for their metadata.

It requires an id tag which refers to the <metaset> block in question.


  <metaset id="dc">
    DC.Title: type=string default="(Untitled)"

  <usemetaset id="dc">
    <metadefault name="DC.Title" value="Chunk">
      <content name="chunk_1.txt">...</content>

      # ... perl code which uses the metadata ...

    <out name="foo" file="foo.html">

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