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The POD Format Converter

This converter converts from POD to HTML, using Tom Christiansen's Pod::Html module.

POD is a powerful, but simple, editable-text format for marking up manual-page-style documentation. See the "perlpod" manual page in your Perl documentation for more information on the POD format.

Things to watch out for in WebMake's support for POD:

  • Anything before the <BODY> tag, or after the </BODY> tag, in the generated output is stripped, so that the POD output can be embedded in HTML pages without requiring a page of its own.
  • WebMake allows options to pod2html to be specified using the podargs attribute of the <content> tag; see below.
  • If you are reading POD documentation embedded inside other files, you should probably use the "asis" attribute on the content items in question, otherwise all sorts of wierd things could happen as WebMake tries to interpret Perl variable references and so on! See the <content> documentation for details on "asis".
  • Depending on the version of Perl you have installed, the HTML produced by pod2html may not be valid XHTML; it may contain some "old-style" HTML tags used in a standalone manner instead of as tag-pairs. Old versions of Perl will, as a result, cause some "unbalanced tag" warnings from the HTML cleaner.

Specifying Options to the POD Translator

If you want to specify pod2html options to the converter, just put them in a string as a podargs attribute of the <content> tag, like so:

<content name="some_pod" podargs="--noindex"> ...
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