WebMake Documentation (version 2.4)

The <use> Tag

WebMake supports "plugin" libraries, which are generally other .wmk files or Perl modules which can be loaded to extend WebMake's functionality.

For example, there are standard plugins to provide support for "download" links, which allows links to files including their size, ownership information, etc.; there's also a plugin which allows HTML tables to be defined using a comma-separated value list.

It has one attribute, plugin, which names the plugin to load.

Plugins can be loaded from the WebMake perl library directory, or from the user's home directory. The search path for a plugin is as follows:

  • ~/.webmake/plugins/plugin.wmk
  • ${WebMake.PerlLib}/plugin.wmk

The set of standard plugins are listed in the Included Library Code section of the index page.


  <use plugin="safe_tag" />

WebMake Documentation (version 2.4)
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