WebMake Documentation (version 2.4)

Globs and Regexps

A number of WebMake parameters and perl APIs support pattern matching. This is performed using glob patterns and regular expressions.

Glob Patterns

These are more-or-less traditional shell- or MS-DOS-like globs, as follows:

* matches any number of characters except /
... matches any number of characters, including /
? matches one character

Note that traditional globs do not include ...; this is a WebMake extension (well, the concept's nicked from Perforce ;)

This is the default mode of matching. Example globs are: *.html, .../*.txt.

Regular Expressions

These are perl-style regular expressions. They are differentiated from glob patterns by prefixing them with RE:, for example: RE:^.*\.html$.

An introduction to regular expressions is beyond the scope of this documentation. For more details, check your perl documentation, or search the web.

WebMake Documentation (version 2.4)
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