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Sorting Lists of Content Items

Frequently, you will need to get a list of content items in sorted order. WebMake itself does this for the sitemap tag, among others.

Sorting is typically performed using a content item's metadata; some metadata that are especially useful are:

A number representing the "priority" of a content item; specifically intended for use when sorting. Defaults to 50 if unset.
The title of a content item. Handy for alphabetic lists. Defaults to (Untitled) if not set.
The item's declaration order. This is a number representing when the content item was first encountered in the WebMake file; earlier content items have a lower declaration order. You do not need to set this; WebMake will do so automatically.
The modification date, in UNIX time_t seconds-since-the-epoch format, of the file the content item was loaded from.
The name of the content item.

WebMake provides a built-in mechanism to allow easy sorting of content items, called a sort spec or sort string.

This is typically used either with the Perl code library's sort_content_objects() call, or using a sortorder attribute as the sitemap tag does.

A sort string is a text string, containing a space-separated list of metadata items. The first entry in the list is the main sorting criterion; the second entry is then used to break deadlocks if two entries match for the main criterion, etc.

In addition, a metadata item can be prefixed with a !, to reverse its order.


score title
sort by score, and if two content items have the same score, sort by title.
sort by the order in which they were declared in the WebMake file.
score title !mtime

sort by score and title, and if more than one content item have the same score and title, sort them into oldest-first order.

WebMake Documentation (version 2.4)
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