WebMake Documentation (version 2.4)

Tips On Using WebMake

Editor/IDE Support

The root directory of the WebMake distribution includes a Vim rc file to support syntax-highlighting for WebMake. To use it, make a directory called .vim in your home directory, copy it there, and add the following lines to your .vimrc:

au BufNewFile,BufReadPost *.wmk so $HOME/.vim/webmake.vim map ,wm :w!<CR>:! /usr/local/bin/webmake -R %<CR>

Change /usr/local/bin/webmake to whatever the real path to the webmake command is.

Once you do this, the macro sequence ,wm will cause a rebuild of the site which contains the file you're currently editing. In addition, opening a file called something.wmk will automatically use WebMake syntax highlighting (if you have syntax highlighting enabled in VIM).

The Button

WebMake now includes a WebMake button:

Feel free to include it on your pages; but please, if possible, add it with a href to http://webmake.taint.org/, so people who are curious can find out more about WebMake.

It's 88 pixels wide and 31 high, by the way. If you look in the "images" directory of the distribution, there's also an 130x45 one and a 173x60 one.

To make things really easy, here's some cut-and-paste HTML for the image:

 <a href="http://webmake.taint.org/"><img
 width="88" height="31" border="0" /></a>

WebMake Documentation (version 2.4)
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