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Contributors to WebMake

Here's a list of people who've contributed to WebMake:

  • Justin Mason <jm /at/ jmason.org>: original author and maintainer
  • Mark McLoughlin <mark /at/ skynet.ie>: added perlout directive, fixes to HTML cleaner
  • Caolan McNamara <caolan /at/ csn.ul.ie>: EtText contributions; lists, pre-formatted text, lots of suggestions; he's written a nice testimonial here.

  • Jan Hudec <bulb /at/ ucw.cz>: navtree plugin, patches to remove metadata from site mapping and control mapping of media items
  • Matthew Clarke <clamat /at/ van.maves.ca>: doco fix for datasource documentation
  • rudif /at/ bluemail.ch: lots of help with supporting Windows

Thanks all! Patches and suggestions are welcomed -- send them in! (By the way, patch contributors get listed at the top, 'cos patches save me writing the code ;)

WebMake Documentation (version 2.4)
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