WebMake Documentation (version 2.4)

The WebMake File Format

Firstly, note that an WebMake site requires one or more WebMake files, each one containing at least 1 <webmake> section. Between them, there needs to be at least one <out> section between them, otherwise no output is generated. Typically one or more <content> and/or <contents> sections would be used, too.

The sections are specified using XML-/HTML-style notation, e.g.

<type attribute=val ...> [ ...text... ]

WebMake uses the XML style of comments -- everything between <!-- and --> is ignored.

However, if this comment string occurs inside another WebMake tag body, it will not be stripped, as this is the same format used by XML and HTML. To include WebMake comments inside other tag bodies, use the alternative WebMake comment format.

This comment format starts with <{!-- and ends with --}>.

Take a look at documentation.wmk for a sample WebMake file; this WebMake file is used to generate this documentation.

Be warned though, this documentation uses some advanced techniques, so it may not be an easy file to understand straight away. There's lots more WebMake files linked to on the WebMake website, and they might be easier to grok.

WebMake Documentation (version 2.4)
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